There is no task too ambitious for us at Sateen! Please browse through our services below. If you don’t find the service you’re looking for or if you have any questions before you stop by, just contact us directly and we’ll let you know how we can help.

Pants: Machine Hem - $10
Have the length of your pants adjusted by machine.
Pants: Hand Stitched Hem - $12
Have the length of your pants adjusted by hand.
Skirt: Unlined Hem - starting at $14
Have the length of your unlined skirt adjusted.
Shirt: Shorten Sleeves - starting at $16
Have the length of your sleeves adjusted.
Jacket: Shorten Sleeves - starting at $18
Have the length of your jacket sleeves adjusted.
Zipper: New Zipper - starting at $16 + zipper
Have the zipper replaced on any garment.

Adjustable HemThis style of hemming is perfect for kids who are still growing… what we basically do is a double-hem; one for now, and one that’s about 1.5 inches longer that can be used later on, as they get taller. When necessary, simply undo the first hem and roll it down!

Starting at $16

Repair, Recycle, Reclaim, Repurpose

We love to recycle clothing and textiles to breathe new life into your tired garments. Whether it’s out of style, doesn’t fit, a vintage piece or you just don’t wear it anymore; bring it to Sateen and we’ll find a new use for it. With a little TLC and creativity, your dated fashions can be ‘Repaired, Recycled, Reclaimed & Repurposed’.

Sateen Teddy Bear Hospital on LonsdaleThe Sateen Teddy-Bear Hospital is now accepting furry patients of all shapes and sizes. At the Teddy Bear Hospital, your cuddly friends are treated with the utmost care and love. We will fix their boo-boos and have them looking and feeling like new in no time. (Prices will vary; call or stop by for an estimate)

We are now accepting custom dressmaking orders. Please use the form below to contact us with your idea or design, and allow a Sateen dressmaking specialist to get in touch with a quote.

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